SunTrust Oil is an Exploration and Production Company with its field operations in Delta State and its Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. SunTrust Oil alongside its partners are currently producing an average of 25,000bpd from its Umusadege field in Delta State. Please see our Latest News section for updates on our field operations.

SunTrust Oil is participating with its co-venturers to design, construct and own a 12x55km pipeline for transportation of stabilized crude from Umusadege OML 56 to Eriemu OML 30 both in Delta State of Nigeria. The project is currently on going and is currently in an advanced stage of execution. It is envisaged to be commissioned in 2014.

This pipeline will provide supplementary and alternative evacuation route to the existing route that sends stabilized crude oil from the OML 56 area to the NAOC Kwale Flow Station and Terminal at Ebocha.

Other Operations

SunTrustOil Company Nigeria Limited (“Suntrust”) was incorporated in April 2001 as an oil exploration and production company with a focus on West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea as its core business areas. In 2003, SunTrust and its Joint Venture partner, were awarded the OML 56 Umusadege field by the Federal Government of Nigeria.